Gina Gallo

Yoga/Movement & Meditation Instructor, Reflexologist, Holistic Nutrition + Herbalist Consultant - Integrative Lifestyle, Performance & Wellness Consultant, Health & Wellness Writer, Entrepreneur & Creativity Architect


With over 30 years of personal practice, 25 years of teaching experience and a deep devotion to help others remember their higher self, Gina’s offerings are an integrated synthesis of many pillars of extensive study, specialized trainings, movement forms and teaching lineages that are integral to a holistic lifestyle. Her ongoing process of learning, insights and inspiration are interwoven into the tapestry of her guidance. Gina’s creative teaching style is intuitive leaning into the alignment of universal laws, rhythms and the all-encompassing energy. The depth of her practice is felt in her gentle and grounded presence. With an ever evolving lifelong passion and journey through health and wellness Gina leads to awaken a joyful connection to self and essential aliveness for individuals to tap into their reserve of infinite potential.