"If you want to protect yourself in life, be positive."


  ~Dr. Joseph Michael Levry~


Yoga Ed

The mission of Yoga Ed is to inspire, educate, facilitate and support children in developing physical health, emotional stability and self-awareness through informed and experiential study, self-exploration and yoga. 


Yoga Ed is an educational program that combines a science-based exploration of the body, mind and self with the exercise system of yoga to support and enhance learning, health and personal responsibility. 


*The Yoga Ed Program is a nationally recognized fitness program for schools that fulfills the Challenge PE standards. The Yoga Ed Tools for Teachers Training Workshop is a fun interactive workshop that trains teachers, parents, anyone working with children techniques from the 4 Basic Principles. They are simple, yoga-based activities that enhance mind-body health, learning, responsible behavior and academic achievement, by giving students fun ways to move, stretch, unwind and center themseleves.



*Workshops are held at Paschima, Center for Yoga & Healing Arts

These are great workshops for school teachers, parents, yoga teachers, and anyone working with children. Full-Day workshops are held weekends 9:00-4:00p.m. $100/person 


*In-School Service is Available

Contact Gina to schedule an In-School Tools for Teachers Training at your School for Staff, as part of PD day.



Infants, toddlers, children, tweens and teens all respond well to Yoga and benefit greatly through the growing years of development. YK is creative, fun and playful. It supports children where they are and meets them where that might be. It is a dynamic compliment to sports and their athleticism as well with the stresses that they face. It provides them with tools to use and integrate through their life journey.


In-School Service Available

Group Sessions Available

YK Sports Sessions Available