"If you want to protect yourself in life, be positive."


  ~Dr. Joseph Michael Levry~









*Personal Planetary Analysis:

A personal planetary analysis will provide you with the wisdom to answer questions, gain knowledge and awareness to help bring you back to you and your relationships with compassion and love!


 Our source of influence:

The first source is our debts from past lives.

The second source is our father.

The third source is our mother.

The fourth source is our mother’s womb.

The fifth source is our upbringing.

The sixth source is our environment.

The seventh source is the Kabbalistic planet ruling our birthday.


There is a simple yet profound system that brings awareness to improve ones health, wealth, and all relationships in life. Its basis is from our solar system and influences the planets have on the systems of the humans as species. Knowing how to work with them serves to be very beneficial and powerful. Planets are the framework of the universe and the 7 creative planets rule the 12 sings of the zodiac. By working with these planets and the Law Rulership we obtain the Master Key to the mysteries of the unseen forces that influence our daily activities.


*Individual Investment: $50

*Couple Investment: $75

*Introductory Group Session available (fees varies) 

Sessions 1-2 hours



*One to One:

When we lose focus for whatever reason, challenge, circumstance or situation in life we often need support and a means back to our light and remembering. This provides you with a foundation to then emerge from that stability. It re-sets focus and provides you with tools and references to realign. It is an hour session that coaches you into aligning with your inner wisdom that ultimately guides you toward your heart's deepest intention. 


Individual Investment: $50

Session 1 hour