The practice of meditation awakens us to the present moment, it is both a practice and experience. A form to cultivate awareness and compassion, nourish aspects of being for health and vitality, and to birth creativity.


There are numerous ways to approach a meditation practice. Based upon an individuals needs a personalized practice can be framed. 


40 day meditation practice

A 40-day personalized meditation practice can be an integral component to rapid personal growth, healing and vitality. 40-days has historically been known as a very sacred time period. It is the length of time often referred to for enacting change. Constant awareness is needed to change a habit. With consistent personal practice, one can clear subconscious patterns, and set new positive patterns. 40-day meditation practices are formulated with the power of awareness and influences such as rhythms, cycles, seasons, planetary influences etc. These practices are carefully curated according to cycles and in alignment with influences to optimize the experience. 


personalized meditation practice

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40-day meditation practice - group and/or individual

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"Doing 40-day meditation practices with Gina is always like swimming in very deep and calming waters. With clarity and perfect timing, her teaching delivers exactly what I most need." - Denise Zakoor



breath lab.


Breath is an essential wellness tool for navigating your daily rhythms. Your breath is healing, calming, regulating, energizing, soothing and integral for your health and well being.


In breath lab you will reacquaint yourself with your breath and learn techniques to lean into healing, find mental peace, to train your nervous system to be calm in the storm, for resiliency, to bolster the immune system, for health related issues, to boost performance, for best outcomes, to foster creativity and touch all aspects of your being for wellness and to thrive.


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Universal Alignment

Daily alignment to recite upon waking & before sleep


Love before me - Love behind me - Love at my left

Love at my right - Love above me - Love below me

Love in me - Love in my surroundings - Love to all - Love to the Universe


Peace before me - Peace behind me - Peace at my left

Peace at my right - Peace above me - Peace below me

Peace in me - Peace in my surroundings - Peace to all - Peace to the Universe


Light before me - Light behind me - Light at my left

Light at my right - Light above me - Light below me

Light in me - Light in my surroundings - Light to all - Light to the Universe