integrative wellness


"Intention is the Key! Make it your intention that you are healing. Make it your intention the you are recovering. Make it your intention that you are becoming a different person, reborn and renewed with all of your problems gone, and it will happen." - Gurunam




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YOGA | Meditation


Therapeutics and beneficial meditations to suit individual needs. Various styles of practices offered; Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Vinyasa, Naam, Ashtanga, Anusara and Fusion. 


Single classes and packages available. 


Private and group classes available.



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holistic nutrition + Herbalism consulting

With her broad background in wellness, innate compassion for helping others and as a result of navigating her own health journey Gina offers integrative Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism consults. Supporting individual needs, assessing and identifying nutritional imbalances to develop a unique nutrition, lifestyle and supplemental protocol that can help the body back into proper balance thereby resulting in optimal health. Nourishing the body in ways that aid in prevention and healing while prioritizing sustainability, creativity and joy. Holistically woven together with modern science and traditional teachings the consults address the body, mind and spirit as whole and integral to overall health and wellness. 



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INTEGRATIVE lifestyle, performance & wellness coaching

One on one or group session(s) - when we lose focus, are challenged, or come up against a circumstance or situation in life that we need to find the leverage to emerge out from even stronger we often need support. Integrative Lifestyle, Performance & Wellness Coaching provides the foundation to emerge from instability and/or find the tools to emerge and thrive. Integrating elements of mindfulness, movement, breath, visualization, deep relaxation, positive re-alignment and other pillars of wellness. Integrative Lifestyle, Performance & Wellness Coaching re-sets focus and brings leverage to emerge providing necessary tools and references to realign daily for optimal health and wellness and to thrive!


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*Corporate wellness sessions are available for employers to support the health, wellness and productivity of employees. 




Our feet are our connection to the earth, they ground us, root us and fully support us. Reflexology is a means to energetically ground, it is a healing modality that stimulates and balances all the vital systems and organs in your body. A yoga inspired treatment includes feet, hands and head.






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personal planetary analysis

A personal planetary analysis will provide you with the wisdom to answer questions, gain knowledge and awareness to help bring you back to Self and your relationships with compassion and love. There is a simple yet profound system that brings awareness to improve ones health, wealth, and all relationships in life. Its basis is from our solar system and influences the planets have on the systems of the humans as species. Knowing how to work with them serves to be very beneficial and powerful. Planets are the framework of the universe and the 7 creative planets rule the 12 sings of the zodiac. By working with these planets and the Law of Rulership we obtain keys to the mysteries of the unseen forces that influence our daily activities.


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guided meditation audio - in the clear

A beautiful complication of gifted individuals: 

Produced by Gina Gallo & Jeff Luciani

Recorded & Mixed by Jakub Zapotoczny

Music Production by Jeff Luciani & Jakub ZapotocznyMusic Performed by Jakub Zapotoczny & Hussain Khan

Artwork by Fiorentina Lanzillotta

A guided, progressive deep relaxation with underlying spirited music and harmonious sounds that create a vibration to perpetuate a deeper state of relaxation. The feminine and masculine vibrations and forms are brought together for balance this guided meditation. Two recordings to choose between.


guided meditation audio - chakra

A guided meditation that journeys through the 7 main chakras (energy vortices) accompanied by the deeply soothing and healing music of musician Brain Wall. This was a collaborative effort between Gina and Brian. Each chakra having its vibration is paired with a chosen instrument to further facilitate deep relaxation.



Harmonyum is a healing system, also known as bio-metaphysical medicine. It promotes excellent health in our bodies and in our spirit by nurturing and strengthening our inner being. It synchronizes our physical and mental functions in order to enhance our capacity to adapt and live effectively which in turn leads to  glowing health, vigour, happiness and increased longevity. Harmonyum heals the multiplicity of aliments at the level of the root cause, including mental and emotional disorders. Harmonyum is a divine healing system that assists in raising the body's vital energy and rate of vibration.




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