Owner of Paschima Center for Yoga & Healing Arts

Yoga/Movement & Meditation Instructor

Integrative Lifestyle, Performance & Wellness Consultant

Founder, Creative Director & Writer for The Self Center


Since giving birth to her beautiful son Jah (Elijah), Gina is moving like never before! A mother, a mover, and creative Venusian, a colorful journey indeed.


From a very young age Gina was moving through the stages of her life taking on different asanas (shapes, forms, and poses) to satiate where she was. Exploring gymnastics, dance/ballet, martial arts, aerobics, weight training, qi-gong, tai chi, and yoga-she continues to move and fuse all forms and integrate the whole.


She developed an intimate relationship with her breath as a result of health-related issues. Yoga guided her to explore and delve deeper. It was a remarkable journey toward awareness and healing. The active engagement of mind-body was with her breath and the mystery of a pose was in her heart.


She immersed herself in many of the teachings of Yoga, the study of Anatomy, Universal Laws, Yoga Therapy and Meditation. With over 30 years of personal practice and 25 years of teaching experience her classes are a song of her heart, a colorful palette and a true synthesis of all movement forms and teaching lineages.


Invested Time - Studies & Teacher Trainings

  • Visual & Creative Art & Design
  •  Recreation Leadership
  •  Holistic Nutrition
  • Advanced Skin Analysis Training
  • Reflexology-The Reflexology Association of Canada
  • Agatsu Joint Mobility & Movement
  •  Harmonyum-California
  • Rajafusion/Qicology TTC
  • Hatha Yoga TTC-Sivananda Ashram, Montreal
  • Ashtanga Yoga TTC, New York
  • Yoga ED TTC
  • Anusara Yoga TTC, New York
  •  Naam Yoga TTC-California
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

Through the process of her exploration, her life experiences, the multi-layers of Yoga & movement, Gina continues to nourish her desire to share and embrace a conscious, whole integrative way of living. Channeling her passions for health and wellness into information, she is the founder, Creative Director and writer for The Self Center, she has written and contributed to the Real Beautiful movement and book Real Beautiful - The Secret Energy of the Mind, Body & Spirit (www.realbeautiful.ca). And she has collaborated with local musicians and a Healing Music Project to produce 2 Guided Meditation CDs.


Gina maintains a close relationship with Physiotherapists/Doctors, Athletes and local sports teams incorporating the healing benefits of Yoga/Movement and, Meditation and for mobility, flexibility, rehabilitation and therapy for clients. 


Gina is always exploring new and creative ways to share by hosting workshops, Yoga/Movement & Meditation Retreats and volunteering. She organizes events to raise awareness and funds for honourable causes, leaving no stone unturned in integrating all aspects into her teaching and practice. She moves through the cosmic dance of remembering and forgetting and flourishes from these divine energies. She understands the advantages of following a consistent Yoga/Movement & Meditation practice along with a healthy lifestyle and has made it her quest to inspire others and nourish her family. The invaluable tools she has obtained have and continue to help her everyday. Moving in Elijah’s world, creating, writing, breathing, and romancing in nature colors her free time.