Our minds are full of busi-ness; stress weighs heavy on our joints, our organs, our muscles and our structure not to mention relationships, mood and sleep. The practice of mindfulness is a gentle process of becoming aware of self (self-centered). Through witnessing we observe our inner world and can begin to transmute energy that causes heaviness and blockages. A portal to instigate this said mindfulness is through the breath. 


A breath meditation helps to calm the internal storm and opens space to grow in awareness, mindfulness. A breath meditation systematically nourishes all systems of the body, promoting healing and slowing down the aging process. It cultivates resiliency, brings peace along with many more benefits. There are many traditions, styles, forms and practices of breath meditations however it is finding one that resonates best with you and practicing it daily. Breath meditation is not only an integral but fundamental and foundational practice to make a part of your daily rituals.


Our very essence and life sustaining breath is where we need to spend some more time. The breath is a powerful focal point for any relaxation experience. Having an intimate experience with our breath everyday is vital. As a youth, I suffered from Asthma. After having to take inhalers, which left me feeling shaky and dependent, I was NOT thriving and did not want to carry on that way. The feeling of the tightness contracting in my chest and loss of breath was terrifying along with the panic that would feed it. However, very early on in my youth I dove in and through the exploration of yoga and meditation techniques and practices my awareness grew and I could then identify the "panic" during times of shortness of breath. I could tap into a relaxed state with full conscious complete breaths that would ultimately open and flex my lungs and bring me into a deep, calm state with a more expansive breath and overall ease.The appreciation for my new awareness was priceless. I got off the inhalers for good and implemented breath work for healing on a regular basis. It is through breath that we move, connect and heal. When we understand and explore breath we can direct this vital energy to thrive. 


7 reasons to connect with your breath everyday:

1.   It shifts you into a parasympathetic state

2.   Alleviates stress and anxiety

3.   Deepens awareness

4.   Brings clarity 

5.   Facilitates ease in the physical body

6.   Prevents buildup of toxins in the lungs 

7.   Aids digestion