Conscious eating is an integrative way of embracing nutrition. A means to nourish and heal. A dynamic multi-layered alchemy that is sacred (important and divine). Eating consciously is a personal invitation to becoming aware of what, where, how, when and with whom you choose to nourish your being. It is listening and responding with love. When we can access the self and feel centered your body will naturally guide you to certain food(s) that you can use. It has been a lifelong journey of pivoting for me from exploration and experimentation in which I continue to expand into as things constantly shift and change. I adopted a mindset of conscious eating after experimenting with numerous “diets” as not just one worked for me. Diving deeper I came to learn about the many influences through the stages of my life as I battled with pain and discomfort for many years being pushed and pulled into and away from my center. The discomfort lead me to experiment for numerous years and devour everything that I could to try help facilitate some ease I grew more awake and aware.